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Ilhwa Co., Ltd. : Serving customers with wholehearted devotion      

A company dedicated to bettering the health and happiness of humankind

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Ilhwa Co., Ltd., founded in 1971, is a healthcare corporation manufacturing food products, ginseng, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to Korea’s first carbonated barley beverage Mc Col, we produce beverage products such as Cho Jung Sparkling Water and Cheon Yeon Cider, as well as superior prescription medications. We are pioneers in introducing Korean Ginseng to the world, being the first ever exporters of fine Korean Ginseng.

All of Ilhwa’s products are produced through stringent quality controls at every step of the manufacturing process aimed at bettering customers’ health and happiness. All of our employees and executives are striving to realize the value of customer satisfaction.

Ilhwa Co., Ltd. will continue to improve upon our transparent, equitable and sharing management practices to realize our corporate mission of becoming ‘a company dedicated to the health and happiness of humankind.’

Serving our customers with sincerity and wholeheartedness, we will continue to strive to be loyal partners and a name truly loved by customers.

Thank you.

Trade Name: Ilhwa Co., Ltd.│Representative: Kim, Sang-Kyun │Tel.+82 2-3017-6000
Address: 96 Beolmal-ro, Guri, Gyeonggi-do (288 Topyeong-dong) Postal Code: 11960
Seoul Branch : 27 Godeokbizvally-ro 2ga-gil, Gangdong-gu, 05203 Seoul | Business Reg. No.:132-81-01004
Customer Service Center : +8280-311-2222 (Food products, ginseng) / +8280-388-3333 (pharmaceuticals)

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Trade Name: Ilhwa Co., Ltd. 

 Representative: JEONG, Chang-Ju 

Tel. +82 2-3017-6000

Business Reg. No. : 132-81-01004 

Address : 27 Godeokbizvally-ro 2ga-gil, Gangdong-gu, 05203 Seoul ㅣ Customer Service Center : +8280-311-2222 (Food products, ginseng) / +8280-388-3333(pharmaceuticals)

Terms of Service   Personal Information Handling Policy