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 CSR Activities

All employees and executives of Ilhwa are engaged in CSR activities around our head office and branches to return corporate profits to society at large and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities

1. . Programs in support of disadvantaged neighbors


Ilhwa continually engages less fortunate members of society, supporting experiential learning activities by children from multicultural families, helping families in need with winter heating expenses, delivering charcoal briquettes and kimchi, and participating in charity bazaars. Our employees, executives and their families take part in charity marathons for neighbors suffering from childhood cancer and incurable diseases. Our support programs share in the pain and suffering of our neighbors, and help them to stand on their feet.

2. Arts and culture support programs


Ilhwa partners with the Volunteer NGO group Aewon to provide young adults in our neighborhoods the opportunity to participate in arts and culture programs. Our “Dream Concerts” afford young adults who have artistic talent but are unable to land opportunities to perform on stage due to economic reasons or physical disability the chance to show the world what they are capable of, and our annual Christmas Dream Festival in December affords disadvantaged and disabled young adults the chance to engage in arts and culture experiences. Alongside our KLPGA Mc Col Yongpyeong Resort Golf Open, we provide aspiring youth golfers the opportunity to receive 1:1 private lessons from active professional players, as well as sporting goods to help aspiring golfers achieve their dreams.

3. Global support programs

Ilhwa operates medical and pharmaceutical aid programs for developing countries who fall victim to storms or other unexpected natural disasters. In keeping with the corporate image we aspire to, ‘a company that protects the happiness and health of humankind,” we are engaged in pharmaceuticals and clothing donation activities for less-developed countries in Africa.

Trade Name: Ilhwa Co., Ltd.│Representative: Kim, Sang-Kyun │Tel.+82 2-3017-6000
Address: 96 Beolmal-ro, Guri, Gyeonggi-do (288 Topyeong-dong) Postal Code: 11960
Seoul Branch : 27 Godeokbizvally-ro 2ga-gil, Gangdong-gu, 05203 Seoul | Business Reg. No.:132-81-01004
Customer Service Center : +8280-311-2222 (Food products, ginseng) / +8280-388-3333 (pharmaceuticals)

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Trade Name: Ilhwa Co., Ltd. 

 Representative: JEONG, Chang-Ju 

Tel. +82 2-3017-6000

Business Reg. No. : 132-81-01004 

Address : 27 Godeokbizvally-ro 2ga-gil, Gangdong-gu, 05203 Seoul ㅣ Customer Service Center : +8280-311-2222 (Food products, ginseng) / +8280-388-3333(pharmaceuticals)

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